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The basic purpose of the project is creation of the interactive virtual tool of support of activity of the noncommercial organizations of the Sakhalin area, professional community of trainers - advisers for noncommercial sector.
 • 05/30/2005 08:40 We invite heads of the Resource Centres and the noncommercial organizations of the Far East to take part in 3 day time seminar " Management of human resources in ".
 • 05/30/2005 08:23 May, 19-21, 2005, in Khabarovsk has passed a seminar on a theme " Creation and development ".
 • 05/30/2005 08:22 May, 17 - 18, 2005, in Khabarovsk the network meeting of heads and coordinators of the noncommercial organizations has passed.
 • 05/25/2005 09:57 May, 16, 2005, in a museum of fighting glory of a regional house of officers, has passed the next session of Club of Leaders of the Sakhalin area.
 • 05/25/2005 09:57 May, 12-13, 2005, in a boardroom of a mayoralty of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the seminar - training on a theme " Management of the personnel in not the commercial organizations " was held.
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In March, 2005 the Program " Civil initiatives on the Far East " has summed up 7 roundes of Competition of grants on support of initiatives on the places, spent by Institute of Steady Communities at financial support of Agency of USA on the international development. From 81 sent applications competitive selection was passed with 25 projects. We congratulate winners and we hope for fruitful cooperation.
We bring to your attention the brief description of projects.

The project " Female club " chance "
Municipal establishment " -Sakhalin centralized library system ".
The organization -psychological and supports of socially lonely women by means of creation of female club " chance ".

The project " we shall Save up a nature of the edge(territory) "
Ecological circle " the Young defender of a nature " together with " the Average comprehensive school of settlement of Bulls "
Attraction of the citizens living in settlement of Bulls, to joint activity on an accomplishment of village and improvement of an ecological situation due to joint actions(shares), formation at citizens of the new attitude(relation) to village in which they live.

The project "Memory"
Initiative group " pulse " together with " Average general educational
School 2 "
Creation in city of Nevel'ske of square of memory in honour of victims on a craft of fishermen for which the sea became a communal grave.

The project " the Place of a meeting to change it is impossible "
" the Average comprehensive school of settlement the Beach "
Creation of a place of constant dialogue and improvement for older persons, veterans, invalids, schoolboys and teachers.

The project " the Cosy court yard - the hands "
Initiative group " dialogue " together with Municipal educational establishment " Average comprehensive school of Tymovskogo area of the Sakhalin area "
Attraction of administration of village to a problem of arrangement of court yard and involving of inhabitants of village in active public work on an accomplishment of territory.

The project " we shall Help children of our court yard "
" the Kindergarten 7 "Kid", city of Uglegorsk
Attraction of teenagers to socially useful activity, education at them positive values (tolerance, mutual aid, diligence, skill to decide(solve) a problem).

Project "" the Dewdrop "
Initiative group " rainbow " together with the Independent noncommercial organization "Success"
Creation of a place of constant dialogue for older persons and invalids; attraction of youth in process of rendering of social services to the unprotected groups of the population in village Solov'yovka of Korsakovskogo area.

The project " we shall Revive village together "
Children's ecological club " " in village Arkovo - mine together with Municipal establishment " -Sakhalin centralized library system "
Attraction of the citizens living in village Arkovo to joint activity for definition and the decision of the general(common) problem of absence of positive image has sat down the account of joint actions(shares). Formation at citizens of village of the new attitude(relation) to the house in which they live.
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