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Regional грантовая the program

Competition is realized under home nursing of the governor of the Sakhalin area of I.P.Malahova and financed due to means of the regional budget

Organizational maintenance of competition carries out management of the device of administration of the Sakhalin area on work with the public and the population

The purpose of competition – support of socially useful activity of public associations, their involving in realization of programs of social and economic development of area.

Competition will be carried out(spent) according to Regulations about competition on reception of grants of administration of the Sakhalin area, authorized by the decision of administration of area from 15.03.2004 № 26-па.

The total sum of grants makes 1600,0 thousand roubles.
For winners of competition the following volumes of financing are stipulated:-I
a place–120 (hundred twenty) thousand roubles;-II
a place - 110 (hundred ten) thousand roubles;-III
a place - 90 ( ninety ) thousand roubles.

Public associations can participate in competition (public organizations, НКО), past the state registration and working on territory of the Sakhalin area, correctly issued and in due time submitted applications.

Application forms for participation in competition are not accepted from:
political parties and movements;
trade unions;
religious associations;
physical persons;
the commercial organizations;
institutions of local government;
the enterprises and the organizations of various patterns of ownership;
public associations which representatives are included in structure of the competitive commission.

For participation in competition it is necessary to submit the following documents till April, 20, 2004:
1. The application including:
the title page;
the description of the project;
the planned schedule of the project;
I shall sweep away the project;
the information on the organization, the project head, the basic executors;
2. A copy of the certificate of the state registration;
3. A copy of the Charter of public association;
4. The report of assembly of members of the organization or its(her) divisions with the decision on participation in competition on reception of the regional grant, certified by a
seal of the organization;
5. The information(inquiry) of territorial body of tax inspection on statement on the account;
6. The information(inquiry) of territorial body of tax inspection on absence of debts on tax payments;
7. The information(inquiry) of the authorized bank on presence of the account;
8. Letters of recommendation (at the request of the applicant).

Заявочные documents on competition are given in duplicate

The applications providing wages over 1/3 costs of the project (are not considered(examined) in view of deductions in unappropriated funds).

Kinds of activity of public associations
to which conditions of participation in competition are distributed:
a youth policy(politics);
preservation of the environment, an accomplishment of territories, entrances;
patriotic education;
protection of the childhood, motherhood;
work with veterans and invalids;
public health services;
бразование, a science, culture, preservation of a историко-cultural heritage;
social support of patients;
formation of legal culture, protection of human rights;
development of business and assistance of employment of the population;
other, reflecting interests of wide layers of the population of area.

Reception of application forms for participation in competition and definition of winners are carried out by the competitive commission which is guided by the following
an operational experience of the organization;
consistency of subjects;
an end result of the project;
continuation of the project on end of financing;
attraction of partners to performance of the project;
a urgency of a problem;
a target social orientation of the project;
participation of volunteers in performance of the project.

Terms of realization of competition

March, 20 the announcement of the beginning of
competition April, 20 last day submissions of applications for competition
May - final term of summarizing of competition, the beginning of financing of projects, past competitive selection
April - September time of performance of
projects 10 October - last day delivery of reports грантополучателями


Management of the device of administration of the Sakhalin area
on work with the public and the population

The address: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the Communistic prospectus, 39, office 414, phones: 42-99-56, 42-40-72, a fax 74-41-64.
E-mail: palata@adm.sakhalin.ru, ad_analit@adm.sakhalin.ru

The secretary of the competitive commission – Живага Тарас Юрьевич, the main expert of a department in work with the
public of Consultation are given on preliminary record.

Typical forms for registration of the application:





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